The thought started forming in October and it didn’t end. I couldn’t escape it and it seems that things were aligning to make it happen.

Some dramatic life events happened in 2016 – some good, some great, and some the absolute worst. When my apartment was put up for sale then sold, I had no choice but to move out. So instead of looking for a new place, I followed through on my decision to go travelling.

My news was met with mixed reactions, most of them as I’d expected. When telling mum and dad, the obvious parental concerns came out: Where will you go? Is it safe? What about your house deposit? Friends were supportive and excited for me. Work colleagues were excited yet disappointed I’d be leaving them after such a short time.

At that stage, I wasn’t too sure about the exact where or when, but I knew I had to do it. As my sister pointed out, I will always have the opportunity to save money again, but I won’t have the opportunity to travel with no responsibilities again.

So the next few months passed, and here I am. Sitting in a hotel in Bangkok with the next 20 days planned and then nothing. I’m telling myself that I’ll be away for three months but I’m not sure. It’s a start. I’ve tried not to give myself any expectations or commit myself to anything except letting me be me.

In life we have many regrets, but travelling isn’t one of them. After a tumultuous 2016, I’m ready for a more relaxed and rewarding 2017. That’s how I’ve come to be Travelling Through It.